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Next Steps and Recommended Development Plan

All sites require a good amount of planning to be successful. When developing a site for content management there are a number of additional considerations. The following is a recommended plan for developing your site.

  1. Roles and responsibilities
    Define your roles and responsibilities early. This will help determine what parts of your content are editable and by whom. For more information please see Administration.

  2. Build Templates
    Using Dreamweaver, build your templates to match the needs of the various roles. Create editable regions for areas that could be edited. For more information please see Templates.

  3. Define Styles
    Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) define you various style sheets for the content and create the styles within ProfitSuite so they may be attached to the templates. For more information please see Styles.

  4. Create Site
    Create your site in ProfitSuite. Once you have pages created within the site you can then go back to the site properties and add domains for landing pages. For more information please see Creating a Site.

  5. Create Pages
    Using the site tree start creating pages and inserting content. Be sure to assign appropriate privileges for roles as you go. For more information please see Adding Pages.

  6. Publish
    Once complete publish your site. For more information please see Site Properties.


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