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Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Although it is not required to designate who is responsible for administrating the CMS and who is responsible for contributing content, it is helpful to organize your users into those classifications.

Your system may have one or more Administrators and one or more Contributors. Administrators are set the system rules, including determining permissions for Contributors who may construct or alter various parts of the site. A system may have different Administrators for design, development, functionality, etc. Contributors have some level of permission or responsibility to construct or alter various parts of the site.

Administrators have overall authority for the management of the CMS. Administrators could have the following responsibilities:

  • Set up the CMS
  • Manage system assets
  • Integrate Templates
  • Setup users
  • Define roles
  • Define permissions (i.e., security)
  • Determine the content’s look and feel through templates

Your system may have either single or multiple Administrators. For example, one Administrator may have overall system responsibility, while others may have responsibility for design, development, content or functionality.

Contributors are people who have been permitted by the Administrator(s) to build or amend various Widgets, Assets, Templates, Collections or Styles. Such permission may be allow the altering of the site structure or it could allow the management of a single paragraph of text.


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