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Logging In and User Interface Guide

Logging In

  1. Open your Internet Explorer browser and enter the ProfitSuite CMS URL, provided by your administrator, into the address bar of the browser. Press Enter on your keyboard. Note: Internet Explorer 5.5 or better is required for ProfitSuite CMS.

  2. You will see the ProfitSuite logo, a User Name field, a Password field and a Log In button. Enter the user name and password provided by your administrator and click on the Log In button or press Enter on your keyboard.

  3. If you have successfully logged in you will see the main interface load and you are now ready to manage your content. Otherwise you will be returned to the Log In screen.

Main Interface
The main interface is the first screen that you will see after logging in to ProfitSuite. It features a scrollable hierarchal depiction of your Web site pages on the left side and five stacked windows, or panels, containing your site's Widgets, Collections, Templates, Styles and Assets on the right side.

ProfitSuite Interface

At the top right of the main frame, there is a small green Site Tree icon  Site Tree that will open the Site Tree from anywhere in ProfitSuite.

The five stacked windows, or panels, on the right side of the screen (Widgets, Collections, Templates, Styles and Assets) may be manipulated for working convenience.

  • Each window can be closed/opened with the green down-pointing arrow  OpenClose  at the top right of that window. When you close a window, the remaining open windows will grow vertically to fill the closed window's space.

  • Click-and-dragging up or down on the horizontal bar between panels will resize the panel vertically.

  • Clicking on the window hide/unhide toggle button (on the right side of the main frame) will alternately cause the five window stack to disappear and appear. Allowing for a larger view of the left panel.

  • All panels have an additional refresh button  Refresh  that will refresh the contents of the panel. This is useful if there are any changes from other sources.

Logging Out
It is recommended that you log out after each use. Click on the Log Out button on the top right of the main interface to log out.

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