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Site Properties

To access the site properties, right click on the site name in the site tree. The site name is the top most level of the site tree.

This is the name of the site as it appears in the site tree.

Use this for your own reference about the subject of the site.

Publishing Target
This is the URL at which the Delivery Server was installed such as

Site Domains allow you to deliver different pages based upon the domain that the site has been requested as. An example would be when you want to point to the home page but to point to the promotional page.

Creating a Domain

  1. Click on New Domain.

  2. Enter the full Domain Name. (e.g.,

  3. Click on Select a landing page.

  4. Select the page from the site tree where you would like this domain to land.

  5. Click Save.

  6. For the domain change to take affect you must publish it by clicking on Publish Domain or Update Domain.

Publishing All
To publish your entire site, whether to launch or to publish many changes, click on the Publish All button at the top of the site properties page.










There must be pages created for a domain to point to before creating a new domain.


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