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Page Publishing

There are two ways to publish pages that have been edited. The first method can be accessed bly first clicking on the page, in the Site Tree, you want to publish.

  1. Click on the Publishing tab of the page you wish to publish.

  2. You will have the following options:

    • Publish
      Indicates that the page has not been published. Click on this link to publish the page. If the page has already been published and is up to date the Publish button will be inactive.

    • Update
      Indicates that the page has been changed. Click on this link to publish the changes.

    • Unpublish
      This will not delete the page from the CMS Server. Only references to the page will be removed from the Delivery Server.

The second method can be accessed by right-clicking on a page in the Site Tree. Clicking on Publish Node will publish the page your mouse is over in addtion to all pages that have that page as a parent.


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