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Dynamic Navigation

The Dynamic Navigation Widget allows you to display links to pages in any style or design that you can imagine. You can display up to three levels of navigation using the template parameters. It is recommended that you first design your navigation in standard HTML before implementing it as a Dynamic Navigation Widget. This way you can review the full functionality of your design before worrying about inserting the page variables.


This is the name by which the widget can be identified in the widget panel or other functions which list widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Select A Starting Page
This is to choose the top-level page of any section. The Dynamic Navigation Widget will then allow you to display the levels below the selected page up to three deep.

Level Depth
Enter a value between 1 and 3. Indicates how many levels the navigation should track to. If a page exists below the number of levels then the Active Template for the most recent level will be displayed.

The following documentation describes how all of the levels work.

  • Begin
    This is the HTML that will appear before the level. You may only use standard system variables in this parameter. An example would be %%PSASSETDIR%% which indicates the path to the root asset path.

  • Normal Template
    This is the HTML that will be displayed when the current page is not itself or a page below itself in the tree. The following variables can be used here:

    • %%URL%%
      Displays the URL of the page for the given level. Use this variable within and HREF or other linking functionality.

    • %%PAGE%%
      Displays the Page Name as entered in the Page Properties of the page.

    • %%ID%%
      Displays the Page ID as referenced by the content management system. This is especially useful when you need to uniquely identify something within the HTML. For example if you want a Javascript function to react to a specific page ID you would use something like:  function(%%ID%%).

  • Active Template
    This is the HTML that will appear when the user is within the page of the navigation or a page under it in the site tree. All of the same variables that are available in the Normal Template can be used here.

  • Between
    This is the HTML that will appear between each Active or Normal template and is most commonly used as a separator.

  • End
    This is the HTML that will appear at the end of the level of navigation.


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