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Stock Quote

This Widget is used to pull stock quote information for a particular company.  Entering the companies ticker symbol will pull the information based on the information you wish to display

Changing of the template code requires knowledge of HTML.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page..

Stock Quote Template
Enter HTML to format the overall template for the Stock Quote. Variables you must use in this field are:

  • %%symbol%%
    Displays the stock symbol.

  • %%last%%
    Displays the last changed price.

  • %%change%%
    Displays the amount the price has changed.

  • %%high%%
    Displays the high price for the day.

  • %%time%%
    Displays the time information was updated.

  • %%mktcap%%
    Displays marketing cap.

  • %%p-e%%
    Displays the current pe ratio.

  • %%open%%
    Displays the price the stock opened at.

  • %%annualrange%%
    Displays the annual range.

  • %%previousclose%%
    Displays the previous close price.

  • %%percentagechange%%
    Displays the percent price change.

  • %%volume%%
    Displays the volume.

  • %%name%%
    Displays the company name.

  • %%earns%%
    Displays the earnings amount.

  • %%date%%
    Displays the current date.

  • %%low%%
    Displays the days low price.



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