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Creating an Email

To create an Email:

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab at the top of the interface.

  2. Click on EMAILS on the left side.

  3. Click on the New Email button.
  4. You will be presented with the following form:

  5. Enter a Name, Send Date and Description for the email. This description will only be available to other users in Contentivity and will never be displayed on the live site. The send date is the date and time that the first email from the batch (if sending to multiple users) will be sent. If there is a large number of users who will receive this email, it could take some time to send them all.

  6. Click the OK button.

  7. You will be presented with the following form:

  8. Select a Campaign to file this Email under. Please see the Campaign document for more information on how to create a campaign.

  9. The "Status" radio group has three states: "Draft" means that the email is being worked on and has not been sent. "Send Authorized" means that when the Email Send Time passes the email will be sent (do not select this option unless you are ready to send the email). "Sent" will be automatically be selected after the email has been sent. If you want to resend an old email, change the state from "Sent" to "Send Authorized" after selecting a new send date sometime in the future.

  10. Click on the Content tab.

  11. You will be presented with the following form (the fields will not be populated):

  12. If you want to send an HTML formatted email, you will send it in the form of a page. This page should be already constructed and part of your site tree. It is usually recommended that a template be created for emails that does not contain any navigation or other information not relevant to the email. To choose a page from your site tree to send as an email, click on "Select a Page" under Email Page to select the page. The page must be published, any unpublished changes to that page will not show up in the email.

  13. Click on Select a Page under Opt-out Page to select a page where the user will log-on for opting out. This page should be already constructed and part of your site tree. The page needs to contain a profiler log in widget that deactivates the user when they successfully log on. This has the effect of unsubscribing them from emails and not allowing them to access any login-restricted content.

  14. Enter a Base URL for the email. This is most commonly your web site URL. (ex. . If you are going to send an HTML formatted email this URL must be the full URLof the publish target for that email page. If this field is omitted, none of the images or relative links in the email will function.

  15. Enter a valid from address. When a user receives an email, it will appear to be from whatever address you put in here.

  16. Enter a valid Reply-to address. When a user receives and email and replies to it, it will go to this address.

  17. Enter a Subject for the email.

  18. If you wish to send a text only email then enter the email body in the Email Text Body Field. If you put any characters in this field, it will override the page selection for an HTML email. In other words, if you put any text in this field the email will be sent as plain text only. For announcements (snow closings, employee notices, etc) it is usually recommended to send plain text emails to ensure maximum compatibility.

  19. If you want to send yourself a preview of this email to make sure it looks ok, put a valid address in the Send Preview field and click on the Send Preview button.
  20. Click the OK button to save this email.

  21. You can now click on the preview tab to view what this email will look like once you send it.

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