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Editing/Adding/Deleting Members

To add a member, click on the profiler tab at the top of the main window. Select the "Members" subsection from the list on the far left. You will be presented with the following view (the members in your own CMS will be different):

As you can see in the above screenshot, special characters and numbers will be accepted by the system and will not cause errors. If you allow unrestricted registration (from the public), sometimes you will get false information. It is usually a good idea to "prune" your records from time to time and delete users who supplied fake information.

Editing a Member

  1. Click on Edit in the row of the member you want to edit or click on their email address.
  2. You will see the following form (populated with that users data):

  3. All the information that has been collected about the user is displayed in the form fields. To edit any user information, update the field and click the ok button. The users password will never be shown, however if you need to reset it, enter the new password and click OK.

Adding a Member

  • Click on New Member under Members.
  • Complete the available fields.
  • Click OK.

Deleting a Member

  • Under members click on Delete in the row of the memebr record.



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