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Group Metadata

Extended Field Names (Meta)
If you wish to add a custom field to your profiler form widget, you will need to add a definition for that custom field to the "fields" section of the "Group Meta Data Configuration". This "Group Meta Data Configuration" can be found under the properties tab for the group (the same group the profiler form widget submits to) in the profiler (link at the top of the cms).

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<comments type="textarea" displayname="Comments" cols="50" rows="5" class="formsnostretch" store="textmedium"></comments>


The example above has an entry for a field called "comments" with a store type of "textmedium". The store types are listed here:

  • int - A whole number
  • float - A number with decimal places up to 8
  • textsmall - A text value with a maximum character count of 100
  • textmedium - A text value with a maximum character count of 1,000
  • textlarge - A text value with a maximum character count of 16,000,000
  • date - A date value entered as mm/dd/yyyy

NOTE: When creating a form element in the Profiler Form widget you must prefix any extended field with "meta_". In the above example the "comments" field with be prefixed by "meta_" when creating a Profiler Form (the name would be "meta_comments").

All Available Form Types


<?xml version="1.0"?>

<sampletext type="text" displayname="Sample Text Field" size="30" maxlength="100" class="formsnostretch" store="textsmall"></sampletext>

<sampletextarea type="textarea" displayname="Sample Text Area" cols="50" rows="5" class="formsnostretch" store="textmedium"></sampletextarea>

<sampleoptin type="checkbox" displayname="Sample Check box" store="1"></sampleoptin>

<sampledisplay type="display" displayname="Sample Radio Group"></sampledisplay>

<sampleradio type="radio" displayname="Choice A" value="A" store="textsmall"></sampleradio>
<sampleradio type="radio" displayname="Choice B" value="B" store="textsmall"></sampleradio>
<sampleradio type="radio" displayname="Choice C" value="C" store="textsmall"></sampleradio>

<sampleselect type="select" displayname="Sample Select Pulldown" class="formsnostretch" store="textsmall">
<select value="choice_a">Choice A</select>
<select value="choice_b">Choice B</select>
<select value="choice_b">Choice B</select>

<sampleselectmultiple type="selectmultiple" displayname="Sample Multiple Select" class="formsnostretch" height="5" store="textsmall">
<select value="select_a">Select A</select>
<select value="select_b">Select B</select>
<select value="select_c">Select C</select>
<select value="select_d">Select D</select>


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