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Troubleshooting Email Issues


  1. If you see the following screen when previewing your email it means that either the page you selected as the email is not published, or you are sending a text only email. If you are sending a text only email, there is no page preview available (Users will receive an email containing only the text that you specified in the "Email Text Body" field). If you are sending an HTML formatted email, publish the that email page to resolve this issue.

  2. If the preview email doesn't get sent:
    1. Ensure that the email address typed in is correct.
    2. Wait a few minutes and check the email address again (sometimes it takes a little time for the email to get sent).
    3. Check to make sure that the email did not get flagged as SPAM. The email may contain words or phrases that might be considered spam. It is difficult to predict what may be flagged as SPAM because users personal spam filters and message rules vary with the individual.
    4. Ensure that the server is capable of sending emails by consulting your IT department or service provider.

  3. Images and/or links in the email display incorrectly:
    1. Verify that the Email Base Url is the same as the publish target for the HTML formatted email page. The full url without the trailing forward slash should be used (ex.


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