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Banners are special dyanmic image widgets which track how many times they are shown to a user (impressions) and how many times they are clicked on.

These are most often used in advertising campaigns or to determine how popular an imaged based link is.

Create a Banner

To create a banner, click on the "New Banner" button. You will see the following (not populated) form:

The interactive image widget must be marked as a banner (checkbox in the widget editor) in order for it to be shown in the list of available banner widgets.

The only interactive image widgets that will be shown in the "Banner Widget" list are the ones which have been marked as banner images (checkbox in the widget editor). To create a banner, make sure that the interactive image you intend to use as a banner has this property set.

The name and description for this banner will only be shown to other CMS users and will never appear on the public site.

Create a Banner

  1. Type in a name and description
  2. Select an interactive image from the list
  3. Click OK

View Results

  1. Click on the Report Tab

Adding a Banner to a Campaign

  1. Click on the Properties Tab
  2. Select the Campaign that the Banner should be a part of from the select box


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