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When is workflow required?

The workflow module is ideal for an organization or department where:

  • Not all the CMS users have publishing privileges and are not in close contact with those who do.
  • Content Contributors cannot be trusted to publish pages that are acceptable for the live server (quality, correctness, design, etc).
  • Multiple levels of approval are needed for live content (ex. Marketing approval followed by legal approval)
  • The organization is spread over multiple locations which must all see and approve the content
  • The organization has content contributors from separate departments but the publishing is all handled by one central department

Simple Example
     A company consists of content contributors who are all student interns. The content they generate must be checked for correctness before it reaches the live site, but the manager doesn't have the resources available to monitor their work closely.
     Using workflow allows the manager to be automatically notified when one of their interns feels that their page is ready for the live site. Once the intern selects "Submit to Workflow" (in place of "Publish") the page enters the workflow process. In this simple example, the manager will receive an email containing a link to the page. There will be a floating window on the page where the manager can then choose to accept the page and publish it immediately, or send the page back to the intern with comments (in the discussion section of the page). The workflow in this hypothetical situation would look like the following:

Advanced Example
     A company has a web design department, marketing department and legal department who are all responsible for web content. It is important that the web designers create a page that matches all the other marketing materials. Likewise the legal department has to be sure that everything the marketing department produces includes all the necessary legal disclaimers. Once the page is published, the web design department must be notified so that they can check it on the live site.
    This situation requires three levels of approval before a page is published. The individual designer submits the page to the workflow once they are satisfied with it. At this point, the web design department has to approve the page then submit the page for approval to the marketing department. They then submit it to the legal department for final approval, at which point it is published to the live site and the web department is notified. This hypothetical workflow would look like the following (without the labels on the left):

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