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A role is the primary security building block of ProfitSuite. Individual users are assigned to roles and permissions for feature access.

Creating a Role
  1. Click on the Admin tab at the top of the page. The intrerface will now display all administration functions.

  2. Click on Roles in the left side navigation. You will then see a list of Roles.

  3. Click on New Role on the right side of the Roles page. A blank role form will appear.

  4. Enter a Role Name and a Description.

  5. Click Save. You will be returned to the Role list.
Global Permissions
Global permissions should be assigned to give roles permissions to a feature across the entire ProfitSuite installation. With global permissions a role does not need specific permission to do something.

To access the Global Feature Access list click on the appropriate Role in the Role list. By default, all global permissions are unchecked.


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