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Knowledge Requirements

A user's degree of comfort and knowledge in working with complex software programs will help determine the readiness to perform tasks and use the full power of the software. The following knowledge levels may represent your ProfitSuite user community and should be used as a guide when assigning responsibilities.

Experience Skills ProfitSuite Features
Basic Has basic office skills with tools such as Microsoft Word™ or WordPad™. Edit existing content. Add pages to existing sections.
Intermediate Has some experience with organizing information. Create new sections and organize content into collections.
Advanced Is Internet savvy and can organize complete information hierarchies such as Web sites. Build complete web sites using existing ProfitSuite templates and styles. Manage navigation and site structure.
Webmaster Has experience in designing and building Web sites using tools such as Dreamweaver, GoLive or Frontpage. Can build Web pages using HTML and understands Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Create new templates, styles, page collections. Setup asset folders. Manage users and roles. Assign global and element security policies.
Internet Developer Is fluent in developing Web-based applications using .Net Develop custom widgets. Define widget menus and attributes. Install ProfitSuite. Extend ProfitSuite functionality.


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