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Adding Pages
  1. Click on the tree  icon in on the top right of the main window to go to the site tree.

  2. Right-click on the page name under which you would like to add the new page. This will present a pop-up menu with an option labeled Add Page.

  3. Click on Add Page. Fill in the name of the page and a short description, if desired. If a different template is needed select one from the Template pulldown. In most cases this template will reflect the template assigned to the parent page.

  4. Once complete click on Save. You will then be redirected to the editing mode of the new page where you can start editing. See Editing Page Content for more information.

Once a page is created it will resemble the content as it was applied to the template and will need to be edited.

Always use the button to replace content when first creating a page. This prevents overwriting of content used on other pages.


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