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Editing Page Content

To begin editing, in the site tree, click on the name of the page you would like to edit.

Click on the Edit tab and you will see the page with an overlay of Edit and Replace buttons. Edit is Edit and Replace is Replace. Depending on security restrictions, you may see one, both or neither.

By clicking on the Edit, a widget window will pop-up, enabling you to edit this content. This could be text, images or any other content type. We call these types of content Widgets. Each widget type has its own menu and options. The most popular types of widgets are the HTML Widget and the Image Widget.

By clicking the Replace you can replace the widget that appears there with another existing widget, a copy of the one you clicked on, or a completely new widget.

Alternatively you may drag an existing Widget from the Widget Panel over an Replace to replace the widget without having to go through the menu selection. Do this by placing your mouse over the widget icon  and holding the mouse button down while  dragging until your mouse is over the Replace of the widget you want to replace.

Once you have completed editing or replacing a widget you can click the OK button at the top right of the widget window. You can cancel any changes made to a widget by clicking the Cancel button.

If you clicked OK and wish to go back to a previous version of the widget you can click on the Versions tab at the top of the widget window, select the previous version and then click on the Revert button. This will restore the widget to any of its previous states. Once reverted the page will need to be published again. See Page Publishing for more information.

After editing a page you can publish the page by clicking on the page's Publishing tab of the page and clicking on Publish Page or Publish again. See Page Publishing for more information.

If you edit a widget, as opposed to replacing a widget, you may be editing content that appears on other areas of the site. To find out if that widget appears on other pages, click on the Info tab at the top of the widget window and look at the pages attribute. If you see more than one page title listed there then you can assume the widget is being used on other pages. This may be the intention. If not it is recommended you replace the widget.


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