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Page Properties

Allows editing of simple page properties such as page title, summary, timing and navigational display.

This field determines how the page is displayed in the site tree and by what title the page will be displayed as in the Browser's window.

This field can be used by the Page Collection widget to display a summary of the page. See Collections, Page Collection Widget.

By checking the box next to Display On and/or Expires On you can control when the page is displayed or hidden in navigational widgets such as the Page Collection or Sub Navigation Widgets. It is not required to have these options completed.

Display On
Dictates on what day the page link will start to display.

Expires On
Dictates when the page link will no longer appear.

Ignore in Navigation
By checking this box , you can disable the page link from appearing in navigational widgets such as the Page Collection, Site Map or Sub Navigation Widgets.


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