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Editing Widgets

You can edit a widget from different locations within the ProfitSuite interface.

From the Edit Button

  1. Click the Edit tab on the page where you would like to edit the existing widget.

  2. Click on the  over the widget you would like to edit.

  3. Edit the parameters and/or content of the Widget.

  4. Click OK. The current page will be updated with the updated widget.
From the Widget Panel
  1. From the Widget Panel, click on the name of the widget you would like to edit. A pop-up window will appear in which you can edit the Widget.

  2. Edit the parameters and/or content of the Widget.

  3. Click OK.

By editing a widget through the Widget panel you are not editing any particular page. In order for your changes to be reflected on your live site you only have to publish any page that is using that widget. To find out what pages use the widget click on the Info tab at the top of the Widget properties window.

You may also edit Widgets during the Template construction or editing process. Please see Templates for more information.

For more information on all the types of widgets available see Widget Guides.

Widget Caching
Widget caching prevents the system from having to render a widget at every request. This is especially useful for complex widgets. In most cases you will not have to change these settings since the defaults are automatically set.

Check this box to cache the widget.

Page Cached
Check this box to cache the widget per page. Use this for widgets that change for each page on which they reside.

Cache Expiration
Enter a number in seconds to define how often the widget will be re-rendered. A value of 0 indicates it will only be re-rendered if an updated widget is published.

Editing a widget will change how it appears on any other page that uses it. To determine if a widget is used on other pages, click on the Info tab on the Widget Properties window.

You can go back to any previous version of a Widget. See Widget Versions for more information.


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