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ProfitSuite Concepts

ProfitSuite consists of five powerful core concepts - Widgets, Templates, Collections, Styles and Assets - that work in independently to define a Web site.

Widgets are ProfitSuite’s basic building blocks. Widgets are simply pieces of editable content. There are many different kinds of Widgets, including HTML Widgets, Image Widgets, Form Widgets, Flash Widgets, and Jump Pulldown Widgets.
For more information see Widgets.

Templates define the fundamental look and feel of an application or Web site.
For more information see Templates.

Collections are groups of either like or disparate pages that have been organized for easy navigation or listing. You can use collections to list documents on any page (e.g., press releases or features on a home page).
For more information see Collections.

Styles are Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) that enable sophisticated page design (typography and layout) and help manage the complex tasks of developing and maintaining sites, and keeping them up to date.
For more information see Styles.

Assets are all files, documents and images that are embedded in or attached to a document or Template.
For more information see Assets.


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