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Creating/Importing Templates
  1. Click on the sign on the Template Panel’s title bar.

  2. Complete the fields on the New Template form.

    • Name
      The Name will be used as reference in the template panel and when adding new pages.

    • Description
      Use this field to enter a Description for your own use.

    • Browse for Template File (optional)
      Click on Browse... to select a Dreamweaver template to import. If this is not selected the an empty template will be created.

    • Asset Folder
      Use this pulldown to select a location where template Assets will be uploaded to. This ensures that any asset within the template is available during publishing.

  3. Click Save to proceed to the next step.

  4. The template will be saved and will automatically direct you to upload assets.

    1. Under the Missing Assets head you will be presented with Browse fields for any assets linked from the template.

    2. Click on the Browse... button to find the assets named next to the Browse... button. Repeat this for each missing asset.

    3. Click on Save Changes to begin uploading the new assets. Depending on the count and size of the assets the time may vary, so be patient and don't click twice.

  5. You have now created a template and will be directed to the Template Properties tab.

  6. At this point, you should begin defining placeholders and default widgets. See Placeholders for more information.


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