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Template Code

Select the Code tab of a template to edit the HTML and alter the appearance of pages that use the template. Any changes made here immediately affect how pages are displayed within the CMS. The template must be published to affect how pages that use the template appear on the Delivery Server.

Inserting Editable Regions
If you have imported or created a template by hand you may go back and manually insert editable regions into the code. Doing this will change the template structure as represented under the Placeholders tab.

The format of an editable region is as follows:

<!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="regionname" -->
temporary content
<!-- TemplateEndEditable -->

Replace regionname with the a name of your choosing. Any content between the beginning and end tag will be replaced at display time with placeholder content. There must be at least one character between the beginning and end tags.

Inserting Images or Links to Assets
You can manually enter SRC or HREF attributes to link to a specific asset. ProfitSuite will automatically insert the appropriate leading path so that the asset will be available from any location

The format of an asset path is as follows:

<img src="%%PSASSETDIR%%/assetpath">


<a href="%%PSASSETDIR%%/assetpath">Link</a>

Replace assetpath with the path to the asset as represented in the asset properties. For more information see Assets.

Saving Code
To save any changes made to the code, click on Save Changes.


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