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Publishing Assets
  1. Click on the asset name in the Asset panel on the right side of the interface.

  2. Click on the Publishing tab at the top of the asset page.

  3. Depending on whether the asset has been published you will have the following options for each site registered in the CMS.

    • Publish
      This will publish the asset to the Delivery Server. Depending on the size of the asset this may take some time to complete. You can continue with other tasks after clicking that button.

    • Published
      This button is not clickable which indicates that the asset has been published and is current with the version in the CMS.

    • Update
      This indicates that the asset has been published but the version in the CMS is newer. Click update to upload the updated asset.

  4. After clicking one of the above options the next page directs you to continue while the asset is published in the background.


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