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The HTML Widget provides a visual text editor for creating HTML content without actually needing to know HTML. This is the most commonly used widget.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Many of the features of this HTML editor are analogous to those in Microsoft Word. Most of the features are represented by the icons across the top and bottom of the editor.

Emphasizes or de-emphasizes the selected text.
Italicizes or de-italicizes the selected text.

Underlines or de-underlines the selected text.

Reduces the size and shifts the selected text upwards.
Reduces the size and shifts the selected text down.
Draws a line through the selected text.
Text Style
Launches the style selector to change the style of the text you have selected. See Styles for more information.
Remove Formatting
Will remove all formatting from the selected text.
Left aligns the selected text.
Centers the selected text.

Right aligns the selected text.

Ordered List
Creates a numbered list of items. Clicking on this icon while the cursor is within a list removes the list formatting.
Bulleted List
Creates a bulleted list of items. Clicking on this icon while the cursor is within a list removes the list formatting.
Indents the current block the cursor is in.

Outdents the current block the cursor is in.

Use this feature to create a link on the selected text. Clicking on this while the cursor is within a link allows you to change the external link properties. You may also select an asset or exisiting page which to link.
See Link Properties.
Remove Link
Will remove a link from the selected text or the text where the cursor is positioned.
Insert Anchor
Inserts an anchor at the position of the cursor. A box will appear to enter an anchor name. Only use alhpanumeric characters (a-z0-9) in an anchor name. For information on how to link to an anchor see Link Properties.

Use this feature to insert an image into the text. You can also click this icon to change the properties of a selected image.
See Image Properties.

Insert a table into the text. This allows you to create formatted data tables and other layouts. To edit a table, after it has been inserted, right-click anywhere within the table's borders.
See Inserting and Editing Tables.

Horizontal Rule
Click this icon to insert a horizontal rule.

Check Spelling
Checks the spelling of the text in the editor.

This pulldown sets the font face of the selected text.

This pulldown sets the font size of the selected text.

Text Color
Select the text and click this button. A color pallette will appear where you can select the color desired.

Click this icon to edit the HTML source of the content. HTML knowledge is required.


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