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Jump Pulldown

The Jump Pulldown Widget is used to create a pulldown that links to pages in a Collection. Each page in the Collection will be an option in the pulldown.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Select Collections
Click on this link to open the Collections list. Click on the Collections you would like to add. Once completed close the Collections list. To delete a Collection, from the selected Collections, highlight the Collection and click on the X button.

Sort By
Defines how the list of pages should be sorted.

  • Modification Date
    Pages will be sorted according to the dates they changed.

  • Display Date
    Pages will be sorted by the Display On date marked in the page properties.

  • Page Name
    Alphabetically lists the pages by name.

Sort Order
Defines in what order the pages will be listed by the Sort By values.

Common Text to Replace
Removes the text entered from the list of pages.

Pulldown Style
Sets the Style of the pulldown. Click on this link to bring up a list of selectable Styles.

First Option
Enter text here that will be the first item to be displayed in the pulldown.


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