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Site Map

This Widget is used to display all of the pages subordinate to a selected page in list format.

Many sites use Site Maps to display the entire contents of their site. A Site Map widget is used on this site to generate the Table of Contents. As you add pages to your site this widget is automatically updated.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Select a Starting Page
Click on this link to open the Site Tree to select a starting or base page. If a Site Tree link is clicked the page name will appear below Select a Starting Page.

List Type
Defines what type of list should be used to indent the levels of the Site Map.

  • Bullet
    Adds a bullet next to each item and automatically sets the type of bullet for indented items.

  • Ordered
    Formats the site map with numbers and in order.

  • None
    Indents each level of the site with no preceding symbol.

Level Depth
Defines how many levels the Site Map should display from the starting page.

Choose a Link Style
Sets the Style to be used for links to the pages in the Site Map.

Bullet Styles
Allows for styles to be attached to each level of the Site Map. Enter the list of styles separated by commas and in order of the hierarchal levels.

You can prevent a page from appearing on the Site Map by checking the Remove from Navigational Elements checkbox in the Page Properties.


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