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Tier Architecture

ProfitSuite is comprised of two separate application configurations.

CMS Server
The CMS Server part of the application is where administrators and contributors go to manage the content and functionality of the web site.

Delivery Server
The Delivery Server part of the application is what the web site users see.

Installation Architecture
The CMS Server and Delivery Server do not have to reside on the same system and in fact it is preferred not to. You can install the CMS Server within your own network as long as it can communicate with the Delivery Server.

For every site managed in the CMS Server you can have a different Delivery Server assigned for publishing.

Both the CMS Server and Delivery Server require access to a SQL Server. Installation of the applications and databases are covered in the following section.

Additional Delivery Server licenses are required for each unique physical Web server above one. One license is included with the purchase of ProfitSuite.


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