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Site Search

This Widget will place a Site Search form on the page for searching of the entire site or a set of Collections. It works in conjunction with the Site Search Results Widget.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Search Text
Sets the default text to be used when the search field is first displayed.

Choose a Style
Sets the Style to be used for search field.

Textbox Size
Sets the width of the text box in number of characters.

Search Sections
Check this box for the search to look through the entire site.

Select Collections
Click on this link to select the Collections you would like to display. You can click on the Collection list as many times as necessary to include all the Collections you need. Once finished selecting, close the Collection selection window. You can also delete a Collection from the list by first selecting it and then clicking on the X button.

Select Search Button Image
Sets the image to be used for the search button. Click on this link to open the Asset Browser to select an image.

Width and Height
Sets the width and height of the search button image. These values should not be changed once a button is selected.

Choose A Results Page
Click on this link to open the Site Tree to select a page that contains a Site Search Results Widget. If a link is clicked on in the tree the page name will appear below Choose A Results Page.

Search Image Button Position
Sets the position of the search button in relation the the search field.


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