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Site Search Results

This Widget is required for the Site Search Widget to function properly. Place this Widget on a page where you would like the results to appear. Be sure to select that page in the Site Search Widget.


This is the name by which the Widget can be identified in the Widget Panel or other functions which list Widgets. It is not displayed on the page.

Choose a Result Style
Sets the Style to be used for the search results page links.

Filter Words
Any words listed here they will be ignored in the search process. Use this field to prevent viewers from searching for terms that would return too many pages.

Display Page Date
Check this box for the search results to include the modification date of the found page.

Display Type

  • Page Title
    The search results will only list the title of the page.

  • Beginning of Text
    The search results will include a sample of the found text.

Select Search Results Image
Sets the image to be used for each search result. Click on this link to open the Asset Browser to select an image.

Width and Height
Sets the width and height of the search results image. Avoid changing these values.


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