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Form Elements

Form Element Types

  • Checkbox
    Displays checkbox(s) on a form.

  • Textbox
    Displays a textbox on a form.

  • Textarea
    Displays a text area box on a form. Setting the number of columns and rows defines the size of the Textarea.

  • Radio
    Displays radio button(s) on a form.

  • Select Box
    Displays a dropdown box on a form.

  • Section Header
    Displays a section header or divider on a form.

  • Plain Text
    Displays plain text within the form.

  • Upload
    Displays an input type of file on a form.

  • Calculate Field
    Displays a textbox on a form that also on a given event (ex. OnBlur, onFocus) does some sort of calculation.

  • Add Space
    Adds space between the previous form element and the next form element.

  • Submit Button
    Adds a submit button to the page with the text specified.


Form Element Properties

  • Public Name
    This is given to the form element for easier display in the dropdown.
    Used on all form elements.

  • Private Name
    This will be the form fields name when rendered. All form fields will have a "wid_" placed in front of it when rendered.
    Used on all form elements.

  • Text
    This will be the text that is displayed for the form field.
    Used on checkbox, textbox, textarea, radio, selectbox, and calculate field.

  • Display Values
    A pulldown where you can select a Value and Display Value for the form field.
    Used on checkbox, radio, selectbox. The Value is what gets submitted be the form and the Display Value is what appears in the pulldown.

  • Required
    Drop down with values of yes or no to tell if that form field is to be a required one.
    Used on checkbox, textbox, textarea, radio, selectbox. If required, an astericks will be placed next to the Form Element, and additonal text should be added indicating that the marked fields are required.

  • Checked/Selected
    Lets the user select a default selection from the list of choices.
    Used on checkbox, radio, selectbox.

  • Size
    Specifies the size of the form field.
    Used on textbox, upload.

  • Max Length:
    Specifies the max length of characters allowed in that form field..
    Used on textbox.

  • Background Color
    Specifies the background color for that row.
    Used on section header.

  • Space after header?
    Specifies if there will be an extra table row in between the header and the next form field.
    Used on section header.

  • File Name
    Specifies what the uploaded files name should be.
    Used on upload.

  • Directory
    Specifies what directory the file should be uploaded to.
    Used on upload.

  • Event
    Specifies what event the calculation function should be fired on.
    Used on calculation field.

  • JavaScript File
    Allows user to select which java script file to attach with the form.
    Used on calculation field.

  • Function
    After selecting the java script file a listing of all the functions contained in that file will be brought into this drop down. (*Note - for now only functions with no parameters will work).
    Used on calculation field.

  • Font Color
    Specifies the font color for the section header text.

  • Font Size
    Specifies the font size for the section header text.

  • B/I/U
    Specifies whether to make the section header text bold, italic or underlined. To choose multiple hold down the "CTRL" key and select your choices.

  • Display
    Specifies whether the text and the form field will be in a two-column format (side by side) or above and below each other.


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